Secondary School

Independent secondary school admissions in the United States have become very competitive.  With numerous schools to choose from, children and parents often find the application process complex and time-consuming.  Selecting and gaining admission to secondary school is easier and far less stressful with comprehensive information and sound advice.  

We work with parents to determine which schools have the best academic, athletic, and social environment for their child.


Secondary school applicants will receive the following services:

  • Professional Evaluation  assessment of the student’s academic performance, extracurricular activities and standardized testing.
  • List of Schools – advice on an appropriate list of schools.
  • Schedule – timeline management, keeping the student organized throughout the process.
  • Interviews – tips for campus visits and mock interview practice.
  • Recommendations – guidance for students on their recommendation options.
  • Applications – supervision of completion of applications.
  • Essays – support for students throughout the lengthy process of writing the numerous essays required for each application.
  • Decisions – thoughtful and professional input for families making the all-important decision as to which school is the best match for the student.